Sustaining Earth. Transforming Space.

habitatQ is transforming construction productivity with its first-of-its-kind technology that also enables a step change in HVAC energy efficiency and indoor thermal comfort.

habitatQ’s structural module - the "smart brick"

With mass-produced modules for robot compatible mounting, transformative planar heating-and-cooling technology, and an AI-supported smart control system - habitatQ is creating today the construction technology of tomorrow.

Highest level of construction digitalization

Mass-prefabrication of habitatQ's structural module via maximally automated CNC-processing and robot assembly with subsequent maximally automated on-site additive construction via robot- or drone-mounting.

Highest level of HVAC-function decentralization

Point-like refrigeration and heat-pump functionality provided via maximally decentralized heating-and-cooling units, directly paired with renewable-energy source such as photovoltaics and electrical storage capacity.

habitatQ’s construction product offers a viable path to meaningfully advance construction productivity, with a commercially attractive alternative to current structural materialization, thermal insulation and HVAC systems.

Cost-effective prefabrication and construction with extensive and flexible applications across both new and retrofit segments

Significant HVAC energy-expenditure savings through reduced utilization of primary energy and increased efficiency

Record-low construction embodied energy via significantly reduced energy utilization for manufacturing, construction and maintenance phase

Superior indoor thermal comfort with cutting-edge planar heating-and-cooling technology addressing core human-physiology needs

Rapid high-volume building production via mass-prefabrication and automated on-site construction

As a straightforward extension of its transformative building technology for Earth-based structures, habitatQ has designed a commercially compelling space-optimized habitat product suite.

Addresses an emerging industry focus which has seen limited traction on habitat solutions to date

Adopts an additive high-volume construction approach leveraging recent advances in digital prefabrication and in-space manufacturing

Offers forward-looking solutions for energy efficiency and occupant comfort

Unlocks unrealized potential for interplanetary habitation, with unprecedented extendibility to both orbital and surface habitats

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